To make up for all the Australian animals that will try to kill you, there is the Quokka who smiles in its sleep. 


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it’s hugging the cat. i repeat it is hugging the cat. and then it is petting the cat. i never want to look at anything else ever again.

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Birdy with Mumford & Sons | “Learn Me Right”

Birdy could sing the phonebook and I would love it.

More ‘Brave’ soundtrack! Feel free to imagine this as a song from ‘Brave’ the musical, that doesn’t yet exist.


This painting was done with a combination of 1.) my desire to experiment with as many fucking brushes as possible, and 2.) my unending lust for this incredible Loki figurine that I’m still trying to talk myself out of blowing $200 on. Does someone want to buy it for me? I’ll give you all the Loki arts in the entire world.


piroshki replied to your post: Someone describe a Pokeyman at me I need a break…

Okay, there’s Arceus. He’s pretty much a llama-goat with a golden wheel encrusted with jewels stuck around the midsection of his body

how did I do



Midday Wardrobe Change - Sneak Peek for Community 3.15

Jeff’s shirt just wasn’t working. Also, Britta asks Annie for help with an ex.

Have you got a particular skill that people might not know about? (x)