I made a tiny dancing baby Groot! He lives on my shelf now.

I also made myself a Facebook Cosplay page: Novalee Cosplay. So if you want to know what I’m doing next, go like it! I’d appreciate it a lot :)

I’m currently making a birthday present for a dear friend of mine. It’s a book full of some of my favourite quotes/quotes that mean something to us. If I can think of something, I draw a little something next to the quote.

I really wanted to post these somewhere, but since I can’t share these on twitter because he’s following me there, this is the only save place. I really like how some of these have turned out :)

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A billion reasons why I love Futurama

the inventions (fing-longer, mind-switcher, EyePhone, tube transport system, suicide booth, cool-o-meter, forward time machine, net suits, smell-o-scope)